About us
Welcome to our homepage, hope you will enjoy looking at our lovely cats
We are 2 adults in the house we have 3 grown up girl's at the age of 25,21 and 19 years and two grandsons at the age of 6 and 3 years, for the time we have 15 cats.We live in a small town called Kastrup 20 km from Randers, here are lots of beautiful nature.
We bought our first colourpoint in 2001 and one year later we started breeding colourpoint and persians.
Latest we have been moving over to breed Exotics.       

Our plane for " Hyggebo" is a small cattery, where the cats can move around freely in the house as a part of the family. Only the males are parted from the rest, but still in rooms being used by us, so they still got human contact serveral times a day.

We also have a cat garden, where the cats can enjoy some fresh air. For us it is of great meaning to raise healthy-wet controlled-vaccinated and last but very important socialized kittens who will bring lots of joy and love in their new Family.

" Hyggebo " is a PKD-testet cattery.
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